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Petzl Micro Head Torch

£12.99 (16% off RRP of £15.50)

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The Petzl Micro Head Torch is an economical head torch that can illuminate up to 30m.

  • On/off focusing bezel allows the beam to be focused, switched on and off and zoomed in the same movement. It is also easy to use, even when wearing gloves
  • Light beam can be easily aimed
  • Adjustable and comfortable headband keeps the head torch stable on your head
  • Water resistant for all-weather use
  • Operates with 2 AA batteries
  • Comes with spare bulb
Weight: 150g

Customer reviews

i have a petzl micro from nearly 20 years and to be honest is it the best torch i ever own. i also own another two models pixa 1 and 3 but this old friend never let me down. i just recently upgrade the bulb with a 1w led bulb and changed the elastic band as the old one was just falling apart. now is just a fantastic piece of kit and is back on my mountaineering kit as a backup torch and i just love it. the system is just simple and efficient with just few parts that is just impossible to break . simple and efficient.now this old torch is just brighter than the last and most expensive one i have at the moment . i strongly recommend this model as a lifetime torch.probably at the moment the upgrade cost me more than the price on this website but i believe this is just a way to revive an old friend who never let me down . thanks for reading . stay safe . pablo g
pablo gonzales, northampton

Very good torch. Fits nicely on head and can be easily turned on and off.
Harpreet, Birmingham

These are brilliant! I've had a Petzl for years, I've used it camping, in the loft, working on the car, in the shed - the list goes on. Best torch I ever bought blagged from the RAF!
Liam Chalmers, Stowmarket

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