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A pioneer of the soft shell concept the Rab Vapour-Rise system provides superior levels of comfort and protection. Vapour-Rise balances wicking, warmth and wind resistance to maintain a comfortable micro-climate within the garment through a wide range of activity levels and weather conditions.

A micro-pile inner effectively wicks moisture away from the skin and a Pertex Equilibrium outer 'pulls' this moisture to the outside of the fabric where it quickly dries. The outer is also wind resistant and the DWR finish sheds rain and snow. This piece of kit should be an essential for every mountaineer, climber, fell-runner, walker and off road adventurer.

Vapour-Rise has many applications from single layer use in fast moving activities through to forming part of a moisture management layering system in extreme polar or mountain environments.

So exactly what is Pertex Equilibrium?
Pertex Equilibrium is the result of the extensive development work in the laboratory and field and balances high wind resistance with fast wicking and drying.

Pertex Equilibrium applies capillary action technology conventionally used on base layer products. This means that during high aerobic activity, moisture is transported away from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates, hence creating body temperature 'Equilibrium'.

How does it Work?
Pertex Equilibrium has a unique 'denier gradient' structure. It combines two different yarns with different properties. On the inside you'll find a yarn with larger filaments, on the outside a yarn with smaller filaments. You can actually see the different yarns when comparing the inside and outside of the fabric. Following the laws of capillary action, moisture will move from larger filaments to smaller filaments.

Pertex Equilibrium 3-dimensionally wicks the moisture away from the body. The engine behind this process is your own body heat. On the outside the smaller filaments have a relatively high surface area which causes the excessive moisture to evaporate quickly. Through evaporative heat loss Equilibrium reduces overheating, which in return reduces excessive sweating. This process creates body temperature 'Equilibrium'. The raised yarns on the inside of the Equilibrium fabrics create a micro-climate between the skin and fabric. This prevents the fabrics from sticking to the skin during intense activity. It also supports the moisture movement process.