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TFX Back System

In 2007 Lowe Alpine introduced the TFX back system. It replaced one of the most successful back system the market has every seen, Lowe's renowned APS. It was a tense time in the design department, would the new design satisfy the needs of the market for improvement and yet still work for the loyal customers who had grown to trust the old APS? They needn't have feared the new design was acclaimed by all and sales improved.

Now we have asked them to repeat the exercise.

They started by talking to end-users and sponsored athletes - and then, needing very little excuse to get into the mountains themselves, they went backpacking. The result was first a wish list, followed by ideas, extensive prototypes and testing (more days in the mountains!), and finally a new back system that we are all sure will better the success of the original TFX.

The TFX range includes 3 levels of back systems for both men and women - TFX 10, TFX 8 and TFX 6. As you move up through the levels you will find a higher level of adjustability and better materials, these factors allow you to carry heavier loads for longer in greater comfort.

Load Zone: the load zone is a range of upper weights that we think a particular back system is capable of carrying in relative comfort. There is of course no reason why these weights cannot be exceeded, the packs can take it, but will you!

TorsoFit: Lowe Alpine's legendary TorsoFit system is a simple 100% reliable system for adjusting the back system to the user's unique body shape thus ensuring maximum carrying comfort.

TorsoMotion: The TFX TorsoMotion system will allow the torso to twist and the hipbelt to rotate, thus accommodating the bodies natural movement whilst trekking

Supportive AirChannel: Backs get very hot when you are carrying heavy loads. Research has shown that vertical channels can be really effective in cooling the back. All TFX backs feature an AirChannel but some also feature the Supportive AirChannel which ensures greater comfort when carrying heavier loads.

AdaptiveFit: AdaptiveFit is Lowe's term for harnessess and hipbelts that will automatically adjust to the wearers shape just by tightening them.

Rebound foam: Rebound foam is a very resilient foam designed to return to its originall shape after being constantly deformed for long periods. It is perfect for extended carrying with heavy weights and offers great support and comfort.